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MZW started operations in 1995. Since that time, we have grown to become one of the top automotive parts manufacturers. Businesses from around the world have had tremendous growth with our products. You can expand yours too, with our highly reliable and expertly designed motorcycle swingarms.


Why MZW swingarm manufacturer

Over the years, MZW has been expanding its manufacturing capacity to match the changing market needs. Today, we have hundreds of workers and many different and modern swingarm making machines.

We produce thousands of motorcycle swingarms every month. MZW also manufactures custom motorcycle swingarms quickly and to the highest satisfaction of the customer. We do so using the advice of our engineers and the advanced manufacturing equipment at our facilities.


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MZW makes swingarms for a wide range of motorcycles, from the conventional bike for street riding to off-road and racing models. Built using premium materials and innovative designs, swingarms from MZW stand up to different riding conditions and bike requirements.


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How Swing Arms are Made at MZW


The swingarm manufacturing process at MZW starts with cutting and sizing aluminum tubing. These are made from high quality extruded aluminum alloy. Swingarm billet parts such as adjusters, arm end, and shock mounts are also fabricated using our modern CNC machines.


Swingarm sides are machined to match the diameter of front tubes. All components are then cleaned to prep them for welding. Before the welding process, we heat billet arm ends to more than 400° Centigrade. Preheating them ensures proper welds and sturdy arms.


The different swingarm parts are then placed in a jig, ready to be welded together. MZW uses the most advanced welding machines. The machines offer precise control for different parameters such as amperage, AC wave frequency, and more. This ensures proper joints and strong swingarms.


After the welding process, the arm is removed from the jig and any additional components welded. It is then cooled and taken through a process to confirm bearing fit, structural integrity, dimensions, and other features.


Inspected arms are cleaned and the required finish applied. After that, they are taken through the final process where adjuster bolts, chain siders, and axle parts are assembled. Finished swingarms are then packaged, ready to be shipped.

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MZW produces thousands of motorcycle swingarms every month. Over the years, we have been expanding our manufacturing capacity to match the changing market needs. Today, we have hundreds of workers and many modern swingarm making machines. We also make custom motorcycle swingarms quickly to help clients complete their projects in the shortest period.

MZW offers you a wide selection of motorcycle swingarms. You get to choose from standard made arms, custom twin-sided, or custom single-sided swingarm frames. When you request custom swingarms, MZW engineers work with you to bring out the best design based on your exact requirements.

MZW holds the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification. We observe every requirement for quality control and other parameters, and customers are assured of reliable products. The swingarm manufacturing process at MZW is adequately monitored. From selecting raw materials to motorcycle swingarm design and fabrication, every process happens “in house.” We have our own engineers who ensure quality throughout.

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