About MZW Swingarms

MZW is a leading motorcycle swingarm manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. Established in 1995, MZW started as a small automotive parts company, growing steadily to become a global and trusted manufacturer. Today, we have customers from different parts of the world and the capacity to produce thousands of swingarms every week. MZW uses modern CNC machines, advanced welding equipment, and other resources to make swingarms. That, together with the extensive knowledge gained over the years, has made us stay ahead of our competitors.

Our Mission

Our mission at MZW is to provide industry leading solutions for motorcycle swingarms. We help you source for high quality swingarms, whether standard or custom designs. MZW aims to make customers leading swingarm distributors in their respective markets. In that regard, we have invested in modernizing our manufacturing facilities. We also have in-house engineers and other experts who ensure products that meet or even exceed user expectations.


Our Services


MZW provides comprehensive swingarm design and manufacturing services. We have standard and custom swingarm options, and you can request for either based on your preferred specifications or market needs. Our services include:


Swingarm Design


Engineering Consultation


Custom Packing


Worldwide Delivery

“My experience with MZW has been awesome. They produce the strongest swingarms and offer support throughout.”

“High quality swingarms and friendly customer care. MZW are simply the best!”

“I’m happy to be associated with MZW. I receive my swingarm orders on time and in perfect condition. I cannot complain”


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We make parts the way you want them and offer personalized motorcycle parts customization.

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