MZW Custom Swingarms

MZW manufactures custom swingarms that meet your unique requirements. Built using high quality materials, the arms offer your preferred specs for fit, performance, and durability. MZW custom swingarms are available for different motorcycle brands, from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, KTM Honda, to BMW and Harley Davidson. We also provide customized swingarms for both vintage and modern bike models.


Custom Swingarm Services

CAD Based Design and Prototyping

MZW uses sophisticated equipment and software to design swingarms that meet your requirements. We also create prototypes to ensure the arms will perform as expected.

Detailed Manufacturing

Whether using your own design or developing a new one at our facilities, you are assured that we will look into the smallest of specs and details. Our engineers oversee every production stage, ensuring quality and other requirements.

Product Compliance

MZW offers compliance support for your custom swingarms. We help you build motorcycle swingarms that conform to both local and international quality and safety standards.

Customized Packaging

We provide custom packaging to match your business’s inventory needs. That includes labeling, packing boxes, and other product management requirements.


MZW Custom Swing Arm Advantages


Long Service Life

At MZW, we carefully select swingarm raw materials and use advanced welding machine to ensure highly durable products

Light and Sturdy

MZW uses special aluminum alloy and advance manufacturing process to build your custom swingarms. The end product is a light but high-strength arm

Exact Fit and Performance

Our engineers use your exact specifications to design, prototype, and manufacture custom swingarms. This ensures your preferred swingarm size, weight, and type of finish

Ready to Install

MZW custom come ready to install. In addition to the your preferred features, we include the accessories and components to mount the arm on a bike

Diverse Applications

MZW offers custom swingarms for a wide range of motorcycles from different brands to specific models. No matter the application, you can trust us to find the best solutions

Why Choose MZW Custom Swingarms

MZW provides solutions even where others have not had success. Our engineers are experienced and focused on producing the best swingarms for your needs. Our manufacturing cycle time is also short enough to ensure no delays. With MZW custom swingarms, you are assured of :

Expert Designs

Our engineers help you to develop and design the most fitting swingarm for the specific motorcycle type and model. We have the expertise and resources to produce the most appropriate arms.

Custom Finish

We allow you to choose your preferred type of finish from raw, to powder coated or mechanical polished surfaces. We also use your preferred color to coat swingarms.

Design Options

We offer you the option of our in house designs or you can provide us with your own. Both ways, MZW ensures real value and arms that match your specific application.

Quality Compliance

Our custom swingarms are designed in accordance with international standards. We also help you to adhere to the requirements of your specific region.

Short Production Cycle

Your custom motorcycle swingarms are ready for shipping in no time. We enough staff and manufacturing machines to ensure that. Everything also happens in-house.

Fair Prices

MZW swingarms are competitively priced.. We offer complete swingarm design and manufacturing services but at rates that meet your budget estimates.


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